year: 2018
program: installation for MIRABILIA – Interpretations of the Le Città Invisibili by Italo Calvino (curators: Antilia Gallery  Fabiana Dicuonzo, John Gatip, Giuseppe Resta)
team: bronzo (Edoardo Bracchi, Michele Gasperini, Manuel Gelsomino)
photos: Manuel Gelsomino (Venue 01 – Torrione Angioino, Bitonto, Bari, IT – Dec, 01/15 2018)

«The city is a fixed scene in the theater of human life», with these words Aldo Rossi expressed his extraordinary idea of city (1966). In the Invisible City of Zirma, exotic and everyday events inhabit architecture, fill the urban artifact with feelings, animate the city stage of characters, emotions and tragedies.
In Zirma, the city and the memory are redundant products of an incessant accumulation of signs. Signs that multiply becoming so familiar that they can be seen everywhere, in every street and in every corner. They are recognizable marks that lose local peculiarity and, through a process of reiteration, form a recurring code, even at very distant latitudes.
Zirma is the combination of two dissimilar components. A hollow structure defines the field of action: even hazards a geometric shape, actually, so pure as to be just an urban idea. Inside, a reactive and amorphous material occupies the spaces: it arbitrarily clutters the voids that become urban scenes, pictures of potential life, individual windows.
The two components respond to very different rules, one is sharp and straight, the other is organic and random. Through a slow but incessant process of occupation, the formless energy invades the abstract structure by transforming it into a city: thus, Zirma appears to be at the same time multiple and unique, fragmented and compact, collective and personal.


PLA plastic
337 mt ca
white, painted in silver

single-component polyurethane foam
1000 ml ca
light blue

2 3d printers ANYCUBIC Kossel, delta
199 hours of printing
7 different spray cans to decide the color