location: Genova, IT
anno: 2017
programma: KAAU Summer Workshop, Caserma Gavoglio
team: TuttoLegno di Badano (fornitura materiali), ARTLegno (sagomatura e montaggio)
foto: UNO8A, Simone Ortolani, Alessia Ronco Milanaccio, Andrea Quartara











There are materials, such as panels for thermal or acoustic insulation, that are used in buildings construction for their characters of performance and efficiency; usually they are located inside walls and roofs. This means that most the times these elements are invisible and haven’t developed significant features in terms of aesthetic quality.
The first idea of this project is using alteration as a paradigm of the creative process. Alteration means distortion of shape and language and impiles a conceptual shifting. Alteration could even be a design action attributing to a building material, such as the MEGAPAN multi-use acoustic panel, an opportunity to lose – not his use – but his hidden location and, even just for once, be evident and became something else.
The second idea is to create a sense of decontextualization. The act to put ‘outside’ something that is normally located ‘inside’ generates a sort of short-circuit charging the final product with an ironic and playful touch of rebellion.
Once the meaning and the function are attributed, the form is free to be what it wants, even a strange beast like nandi.
nandi is an hybrid object: a piece of forniture, an artistic installation or even a toy. It is a one-piece project that turns the use of a building material giving it a leading position.
nandi is shaped as a bull boosting the vision of a sacred animal that, as in the hindu culture, possesses magical powers.
nandi acquires a new aesthetic value but doesn’t lose his technological qualities of acoustic insulation. The MEGAPAN panel, even if in this unusual form, guarantees an alternative option for the acoustic insulation of little spaces.
This project is a collective work: from the idea, to the choice of the building material and to the ability of the manufacture.