Hello, this is UNO8A


Hello, this is UNO8A.

UNO8A is an architecture team founded in Genoa (Italy) in 2014 by architects Beatrice Moretti and Fabrizio Polimone.
UNO8A comes to life in  the city of Genoa, a particular urban context where contemporary architecture blends continuously  with historical buildings and shake. Genoa is a port city, a palimpsest of fluxes and stories where often architects have to develop their design capacities through a strong bond with the dynamism of sea and the complexity of landscape.
UNO8A develops architecture and urban projects and works in interior design, with particular focus in residences and private offices. In all these occasions, we also designed bespoken pieces of furniture for kitchen and bathroom. UNO8A researches and investigates each project with a non-continuous and adaptable approach, where architecture is the end result of an endless sequence of iterations and attempts. UNO8A explores this creative process by frequently taking part in national and international competitions, and also within the academic activities at the Polytechnic School of Genoa.
In 2014, UNO8A won the First Prize in Architectural Competition for the requalification of Piazza Martiri in Novara (IT) with pia, arch. Gianluca Motto and arch. Alessandro Parodi. In 2017 UNO8A organized the event Aeschyli within the national exhibition ‘Open!’ with False Mirror Office, gosplan, LINEARAMA and pia.
In the recent years, UNO8A collaborated with Davide Badaracco, Marìa Eugenia Beizo, Boano Prišmontas, Marta Carraro, CIRCOLO AFalse Mirror Office, Chiara Fedele, Francesco Forni, gosplan, LINEARAMA, Gianluca Motto, Chiara Olivastri, pia, Federico Pacella, Alessandro Parodi, Francesco Sette.

In ambito italiano, svolgiamo tutte le pratiche necessarie ad ottenere le autorizzazioni per eseguire le lavorazioni presso le amministrazioni locali, dalla progettazione sino alla consegna dell’immobile attraverso esperienze in ambito cantieristico e nella direzione dei lavori. In particolare: