UNO8A is an architecture team founded in Genova (Italy) in 2014 by architects Beatrice Moretti and Fabrizio Polimone. UNO8A researches and investigates each project with a non-continuous and adaptable approach, where architecture is the end result of an endless sequence of iterations, attempts and sometimes mistakes. A mistake, in itself, is a departure from what is commonly considered a rule or a habit. It means a detachment that disorients creating a place in which questions and possibilities multiply endlessly. An uncertain margin that often gives the opportunity to open new horizons and the freedom to change trajectory.
UNO8A’s personal research path in the field of the project and the representation of architecture aims to outline a practice: that is not particularly interested in defining a recognizable or immutable code of expression, but it is very passionate in shaping a process as much as possible adaptive, formative and voluntary.
UNO8A frequently takes part in national and international competitions, and also within the academic and research activities at the Architecture and Design Department of the Polytechnic School of Genoa.

First Prize in Architectural Competition for the requalification of Piazza Martiri in Novara (IT) with pia, arch. Gianluca Motto and arch. Alessandro Parodi

First Prize in the Competition for the Design, the Restoration and Valorization of the Historical Park and the Secret Garden of the ‘Reggia di Rivalta’, Reggio Emilia, Italy with casana archiettura paesaggio, Openfabric and F&M Ingegneria

Exhibition ‘La Statua e il Ninfeo’ within the national exhibition ‘Open! Studi Aperti’ in Genova (Italy) with caarpa.

Installation La Cameretta that was part of the last Unfolding Pavillion during the 16th International Architecture Exhibition at La Biennale di Venezia (Italy) with False Mirror Office, gosplan, LINEARAMA and pia

Exhibition Aeschyli within the national exhibition ‘Open! Studi Aperti’ in Genova (Italy) with False Mirror Office, gosplan, LINEARAMA and pia

DIVISARE BOOK 116 ‘MAKE MISTAKES’ as part of the new box set “NEW ARCHITECTS 1” that collects the outstanding experience of five young architectural firms from Genoa and present five visual narratives built on a miscellaneous set of projects drawn by each firm and frequent collaborations between them.

With Davide Badaracco, Marìa Eugenia Beizo, Boano Prišmontas, CIRCOLO AFalse Mirror Office, Chiara Fedele, gosplan, LINEARAMA, Gianluca Motto, Chiara Olivastri, Openfabric, pia, Federico Pacella, Francesco Sette, Manuel Gelsomino.

Since 2018, UNO8A is part of caarpa, a collective of designers focused in the connection between architecture and landscape.


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